Hens Party Paint & Sip at Pinot & Picasso

Looking for hens party ideas that will have your guests wondering why they didn’t think of it first? A paint and sip party at Pinot & Picasso is the perfect event for a memorable hens do in the UK – if we do say so ourselves.

Hens Party Paint & Sip Packages Pinot & Picasso UK

UK'S #1 Paint & Sip Experience, Perfect for a Hen Party

Get the bridal party together for the last fling before the ring at Pinot & Picasso. Say goodbye to the single life paint and sip style, with a paintbrush in one hand and a glass of Prosecco in the other. You can even choose to paint the fiancé at your paint and sip hens do!

With the very best music playing to keep the good vibes going, your hens paint party with Pinot & Picasso will ensure you celebrate your beautiful hen. With plenty of drying breaks throughout the session, you’ll have time to play classic hen party games, trivia, get some drinks from the studio bar or even film a TikTok about your time at the studio.

With over 50 unique concepts, painting a masterpiece with acrylic paints will be a breeze thanks to our brilliant local artists guiding you step-by-step. We have artworks for every type of bride – florals, landscapes, Neon Nights, or even paint the bride or husband-to-be for a good laugh!

Best of all, you can have the studio all to yourself for your Pinot & Picasso Hens Do.

What a Hens Paint & Sip Party with Pinot & Picasso Looks Like

Your search for the best hens party is over. A paint and sip Hens Do is just what the bride-to-be wants (she might not know it yet). Bring the bridal party along for a three-hour sip and paint session guided by one of our artists. With your own hens decorations, style the studio to your desire – think balloons, sashes, streamers!

Get the drinks flowing as you create a masterpiece of your choice. Pinot & Picasso hens parties are the perfect way to kick off a hens night or enjoy on a hens weekend. With many studios around the UK, you can bring your bachelorette party on the road and we’ll come along for the ride.

Hens Party Paint & Sip Packages Pinot & Picasso UK
Photo of a bridal party enjoying a paint & sip experience

You can stop searching “hens party ideas” or “bridal shower ideas” now. Pinot & Picasso hens parties are just what you’ve been looking for. Bring the bride-to-be and the bridal party along for a three-hour sip and paint session guided by one of our artists. With your own hens decorations, style the studio to your desire – think balloons, sashes, streamers!

Hens Party Paint & Sip Packages Pinot & Picasso UK

Choose The Concept of Your Hen Paint Party

The choice is all yours when it comes to the artwork for your Pinot & Picasso Hens Do – you’re welcome. Have fun with the bride-to-be with ‘Paint the Bride’ or even ‘Paint the Groom’ or go the traditional style with a floral masterpiece that the mother of the bride will adore. 

The choice is all yours. Pick what you think the bride will love, or maybe pull a fun prank – you’re the party planner!

Customisable Options to Suit Your Needs

Whether you’re after a classic hen paint party, an elegant experience or rowdy night, you can enjoy the studio all to yourself with our intimate parties. Your paint party can be styled to your desire as we encourage you to arrive early to deck out the studio in balloons, hens party accessories, printed pictures and decorations catered to your bride .

Want to make it even more special for the hen? Enquire to have a custom artwork created by one of our local artists! This offer is an extra £200 to your event, but the memories will be well worth the price.

Hens Party Paint & Sip Packages Pinot & Picasso UK

Nothing says a unique hens party quite like a Drag Queen host! Dust off your sparkle eyelashes and your sequined outfits for a hens night like no other. 

With a local Drag Queen host who’ll bring the laughter, drama and fabulousness – there’ll never be a dull moment at your hens event! A Drag Queen will sing, dance and paint with you at your event and celebrate the bride-to-be!

*not available at all studios

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The choice is entirely up to you, although we recommend leaving the designer clothes at home and avoiding white (unless you’re daring!) to avoid getting acrylic paints on your clothes.

Most hen parties have themes, so dress to the theme and ask the girls what they will be wearing to steer you in the right direction. Just be you, because you never go out of style. Just make sure you don’t outdo the bride (a classic rule!).

If you’re comfortable in heels, you are more than welcome to wear them in our studio! We also recommend wearing pretty accessories to jazz up your outfit if you do go for a more comfort shoe like bold jewellery.

You will have one of our aprons on throughout the paint party to protect your clothes, however we can’t control your friends and family or how messy a session can get. Paint still may find a way on your clothes, face or hair so just be prepared.

You will be able to buy drinks at our studio bar and will have access to water too – we want you to stay hydrated. We’ll also provide all the art materials you need to get arty while you party.

The only thing you’ll need to bring is some snacks, your friends and family, and yourself. Easy peasy.

For a hen paint party at our studios, our minimum number of people is 16. This may vary depending on the size of the studio. If you have less than this minimum, our studios will recommend booking into a public session, but don’t worry, they’ll be sure to put you all together so you can master the art of fun.

Our private events have a minimum fee spend which allows you exclusive access to the studio area and guidance through your choice of artwork by one of our exceptional hosts.

Our quotes will differ depending on the studio and your individual event needs. To get a quote to suit your needs, submit a function enquiry for a quote.

We unfortunately don’t do virtual parties in the UK at the moment. We’d much rather see you in person!

So glad you asked! We offer many private paint party events for all kinds of Picassos including Christmas parties, birthday parties, team building & corporate events, kids parties, anniversaries, reunions, farewells and more. We think any private event is a reason to celebrate with art and a beverage of your choice (from our studio bar!).

Got more questions? Submit an enquiry here.

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