Top 10 Team Building Ideas in Liverpool

Top 10 Team Building Ideas in Liverpool

What better way to improve team spirit and creativity than indulging in some of Liverpool’s best team building activities? The best way to convince the team to get out of the office and focus on something new. 

Team building activities in Liverpool offer a fantastic way to enhance workplace relationships and productivity. By boosting team morale and encouraging teamwork, these Liverpool team building activities can transform your work environment by getting together for some fun. 

1. Paint and Sip at Pinot & Picasso Liverpool 

Fun starts at Pinot & Picasso when it comes to team building activities in Liverpool. Whether your team is big or small, build relationships with all of your coworkers (even the finance team) with a fun paint and sip event where you’ll transform a blank canvas into a work of art. 

Thanks to our local artists, they’ll be teaching you step-by-step, serving you drinks that you can purchase at our bar and helping fix your painting if you make any mistakes.

Pinot & Picasso Liverpool allows you to book the entire studio space for your team building event, or they can even bring the experience to your office. 

2. Scouse Cooking Showdown

Liverpool is renowned for its Scouse stew, and what better way to unite your team than with a Scouse Cooking Showdown? On these team building days in Liverpool, teams can compete to create the most delicious Scouse dish. 

Head to a local restaurant to complete the challenge with local chefs offering their guidance and wisdom. It’s a tasty way to blend teamwork, culinary skills, and enjoy a delicious meal at the end of the day. 


3. River Mersey Kayaking

Get out of the office and into the River Mersey for a kayaking adventure (hopefully no capsizing!).

Paddle your way through stunning views of the city, working together to get to your next destination – hopefully a nice pint! It’s a unique option for team building activities in Liverpool. 


4. Escape Room Experience

Liverpool boasts many escape rooms that will challenge your team’s problem-solving abilities and test your ability to work under pressure. Can you escape in time? 

You can complete the challenge as one big group or split into smaller groups to see who can race against time and win. These team building events in Liverpool will test your teamwork, collaboration and patience.


5. Magical Mystery Team Tour

For a unique team building event in Liverpool, why not step into the legendary Beatles’ world with a Magical Mystery Team Tour? This exciting adventure blends the city’s musical history with your coworkers getting fully immersed in the city’s culture.

Your team can bond while exploring iconic Beatles locations and discussing the best song from the group. Take everything you’ve learned about the Beatles and turn it into a trivia game afterwards with prizes to win. It’s a fun way to see if people were really paying attention. 

A Beatles Tour is a great way to explore the city's history and culture

6. Liverpool Waterfront Treasure Hunt

Explore Liverpool’s picturesque waterfront while solving clues and riddles in a fun-filled treasure hunt. Discover hidden gems and historic landmarks while bonding with your team. 

These group activities in Liverpool offer a unique way to strengthen connections, and you might even find the best place to unwind after the hunt is over. 


7. Scenic Mersey Ferry Cruise

Group activities in Liverpool can be as relaxing as a leisurely cruise on the Mersey Ferry. Take in the stunning views of the city skyline during the day, or make it a special event with a night cruise with live music onboard. 

It’s a serene way to unwind and connect with your team while experiencing Liverpool from a different perspective.


8. Football Frenzy at Anfield

For football fans, a visit to Anfield is a dream come true. Arrange a friendly match at the iconic stadium or take a guided tour to learn about the rich history of Liverpool FC. 

It’s an exciting way to bond with your team during team building events in Liverpool. Even if you don’t go for Liverpool FC, you can still enjoy the iconic stadium and get to have a kick on the pitch. Not many people can say that! 


Take a trip to Anfield Stadium in Liverpool

9. Comedy Club Showdown

Enjoy an evening of laughter and team bonding at one of Liverpool’s renowned comedy clubs. It’s a perfect way to de-stress and strengthen your team connections over shared humour during team building days in Liverpool.

Enjoy watching a local comedian or get everyone to have a go on the mic telling their best jokes. Make sure it’s appropriate for the HR team!


10. Historical Liverpool Walking Tour

Explore Liverpool’s rich history like a tourist with a guided walking tour. Discover the city’s heritage and hidden stories while fostering a deeper connection with your team and the community. 

These team building activities in Liverpool offer both education and team bonding while also getting off your screens for a little bit. 

Book a Paint and Sip Team Building Event in Liverpool

With these 10 team building ideas, Liverpool is now your oyster! From creative events at Pinot & Picasso Liverpool to exploring the city, there are many ways to improve teamwork, boost morale and inspire your team for the year ahead. Book your next Liverpool team building activity today. 

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