Top 17 Fun Team Building Ideas For Your Company

Top 20 Fun Team Building Ideas For Your Company

Master the Art of Team Building

In the fast-paced world of corporate hustle and bustle, where you can’t look anyone in the eye on the London Underground, it’s easy for teams to become siloed, communication to break down, and morale to dip. That’s where team bonding activities swoop in, giving you and your colleagues something to be excited about. 

Picture this: a room full of enthusiastic employees, collaborating, laughing, and building meaningful connections and not on Zoom. Team building activities are the not-so-secret sauce that transforms co-workers into friends, helping your company reach new heights.

So, why should you invest in these group building activities? Well, aside from creating a workplace that people genuinely enjoy, team bonding activities offer a stack of benefits. They boost employee morale, increase productivity, enhance communication skills, and foster creativity. In a nutshell, they’ll turn your team from the rackety Bakerloo Line to the smooth-sailing Elizabeth Line. 

Now you know why team building is important to companies of every size, let’s find your next fun day out with these Top 17 Fun Team Building Ideas for Your Company.

1. Find a Great Escape at an Escape Room

If your team loves a good puzzle and a dash of mystery, an escape room adventure should be right up your alley. Split into small groups and use your collective brainpower to crack the clues, edging closer to freedom. The beauty of escape rooms is that they require teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. 

It’s a fantastic way to collaborate among team members, enhancing your corporate team building event ideas. Plus, the excitement and pressure of the clock ticking down adds an extra layer of adrenaline to the mix. We hope your crew is up for it. 


2. Go Unique with a Scavenger Hunt 

Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids. Create a list of unique items or tasks for your team to find around the office or even in your city. This indoor team building idea encourages creativity and quick thinking, boosting your group building activities. 

Team members will bond over their shared pursuit of wacky treasures and hilarious challenges, making it a memorable team bonding experience.

3. Get Arty While You Party at Pinot & Picasso

If ideas for team building activities aren’t exciting, don’t worry; this one will. Master the art of fun with your team at Pinot & Picasso. This paint and sip studio is all about having a great time through colour, creativity and cocktails that you can buy at their bar!

Enjoy spending quality time together with their artist, guiding you step-by-step from a blank canvas to a masterpiece you can proudly hang in your home or office space. This team building idea provides a safe space for self-expression, invites collaboration and gets your mind off work stress for a couple of hours. 

It’s one of those perfect team-building ideas for work, as it can cater to companies of all sizes. Small group? You can join their public paint and sip classes. Big group? You can book the entire studio for your own private team building event. They can pack up all their art materials and bring it to your office – so many options!


4. Host your own Office Olympics

We’ve seen this episode of ‘The Office‘, right? The Olympics aren’t only for elite athletes. Host your very own office Olympics with events like chair races, paper airplane javelin, and desk chair shot put. 

It’s a quick team building idea that adds fun into the workplace, leaving everyone in stitches. These lighthearted competitions not only promote teamwork but also improve morale, making it a great addition to your list of fun team building ideas for work.


5. Pass the Mic for a Karaoke Showdown

Take the classic work term of endearment, “You’re a rockstar”, literally. Channel Beyoncé or whoever your favourite artist is and belt out your favourite tunes – who knows, someone might have the same as you?

Karaoke nights are all about laughter and camaraderie, two essential elements of any successful team building activity. You and your co-workers will bond over shared embarrassment as you sing your hearts out (who cares if it’s tone-deaf!), ensuring a memorable team bonding night.

Try a cooking class with your team

6. Set a Delicious Team Cooking Challenge

Put your culinary skills to the test with a team cooking challenge. Can your team whip up a gourmet meal under pressure? This corporate team building event idea combines creativity and cooperation in the most delicious way possible. 

Cooking together encourages colleagues to communicate, delegate tasks, and solve problems together – essential skills in any workplace. Just make sure it’s not as intense as The Bear. 


7. Putt to Glory with a Mini Golf Tournament

Take a break from the office and enjoy a round of mini golf. The competitive spirit and laughter are par for the course. Mini golf tournaments are quick team building ideas that blend friendly competition with leisure. 

As you navigate through obstacles and aim for that elusive hole-in-one, you’ll learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses (note to self: don’t have David on your team next time) and improve teamwork. 


8. Unlimited Fun with a Games Night

Board games, card games, and even video games – it’s all fair game for a night of friendly competition and team bonding. Game nights offer a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for strengthening relationships among colleagues. 

Whether it’s strategic thinking in a board game or teamwork in a video game, these activities for team building harness essential skills while providing hours of entertainment.

Go outdoors and connect together

9. Head Outdoors for an Adventure Retreat

Disconnect from screens and reconnect with nature on an outdoor adventure retreat. Activities like hiking, camping, and rafting build camaraderie and memories. 

Outdoor adventures are excellent ideas for team building activities that encourage colleagues to break away from the stress of the office environment and welcome remote workers to connect with the team. Team members bond over shared experiences, face challenges together, and learn to trust each other in the great outdoors.


10. Do Good Deeds with Charity Volunteering

Give back to the community and bond with your team by volunteering for a local charity or non-profit organisation. Charity volunteering is more than just a team bonding activity; it’s an opportunity to make a positive impact on your community while strengthening your team’s sense of purpose and unity. These are the kind of corporate team building event ideas that leave a lasting, heartwarming impression.


11. Go to Battle with Laser Tag

Suit up and prepare for battle (only metaphorically) with a game of laser tag. Team up and strategise to outsmart your opponents in a futuristic battlefield. 

Laser tag is the epitome of team building action. It’s all about strategy, teamwork, and a bit of friendly rivalry. Your group building activities will hit a whole new level as you engage in thrilling battles, ensuring that everyone gets their dose of excitement.


12. Have a Movie Marathon

Set up a cosy movie night complete with popcorn and comfy blankets. Let each team member choose a film and transform the office into a cinema. 

Movie marathons provide a relaxing environment for team members to unwind and bond. Sharing laughs, tears, and debates over movie choices strengthens connections, making it one of the more laid-back team bonding activities.

Play a friendly game of basketball

13. Compete with an Outdoor Sports Tournament

Organise a friendly sports tournament with games like football, volleyball, basketball or frisbee. It’s a great way to blow off steam and boost team spirit. You can even do something as simple as starting a run club at work.

Outdoor sports tournaments infuse energy and excitement into team building. Teammates learn to coordinate, strategise, and celebrate victories together, strengthening their bonds through healthy competition.


14. Unwind with a Mindfulness and Yoga Retreat

Invest in your team’s wellbeing with a mindfulness and yoga retreat. It’s a great way to relax and recharge before any big campaigns or celebrate a work milestone. 

Mindfulness and yoga retreats provide a serene atmosphere for employees to unwind and focus on self-care. These team building activities promote mental and physical wellness while enhancing mindfulness and emotional connection among team members.


15. Connect with Virtual Team Building Challenges

For remote teams, virtual team building challenges can be easy to organise. Engage in online trivia, escape rooms, or even a virtual happy hour.

Virtual team building activities bridge the gap between remote team members. These activities offer a sense of belonging and camaraderie despite physical distances, making them essential in today’s digital work landscape.

Team building ideas like a wine tasting can develop connections outside of the office

16. Go to a Brewery, Winery or Distillery for a Tasting

Take your team on a trip to your local brewery, winery or distillery for a tasting. Try a fine drop of wine, a craft beer or a tasty gin.

Connect with the community and take a tour of the venue, learn how they make their drinks and enjoy having some liquid courage. It’s a fun team building idea that encourages everyone to get social and develop relationships. 


17. Traditional Pub Quiz Night

Head to a local pub for a traditional pub quiz night for a unique team building activity. Teams can compete in pairs or small groups, answering trivia questions on a range of topics, from history to pop culture. A pub quiz night combines entertainment, competition, and British pub culture for an enjoyable evening.

Make it more about your company and host a trivia event at the office. You can include questions about the company and co-workers or keep it traditional, like a pub quiz. 

Boost Morale with a Team Building Activity

With so many ideas for team building activities, you have no excuse now to bring your team closer together and make work feel like play. Whether you’re unleashing your inner artist, cooking up a storm or focusing on mindfulness, these group building activities are sure to boost team morale and productivity.

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